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The World's Best Privacy Lock,

Hands Down.

The Next Generation Restroom Privacy Lock Is Hands-free. 


  • Nothing to grip or twist.

  • A completely new PATENTED handle and locking concept.
  • Intuitive hands-free optional pulling, pushing, locking and unlocking.
  • Locked status indicator on both sides of the door.
  • Ideal for public washrooms, meeting rooms and dressing rooms.
  • ADA – Fully compliant.


It’s Different. It’s Better.

Fully hands-free in operation. Clearly indicating locked status on both sides of the door. There is no other manually operated privacy locking device that delivers on these most wanted features and high value benefits. The Restroom UP LoK™ is a complete rethink on privacy locks intended for use on fitting rooms and single occupancy restroom doors.

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Locksmith Ledger
Feb. 28, 2021 – Keeping Safe While Keeping in Touch

The Restroom UP LoK - Privacy Door Lock

A Sanitary Restroom Is Your Responsibility – Not Your Customers

Your customers shouldn’t have to improvise a solution to avoid touching the dreaded hand-dependent restroom door handle. With industry best practices minimizing consumables and promoting no/low touch fixtures, the slow but inevitable disappearance of paper towels from the single-user restroom will jeopardize a clean escape for most visitors. This is based on a mountain of anecdotal evidence that suggests many people will only grip a restroom door handle with a paper towel in hand. Such dependence is an indictment of the conventional grip-and-twist privacy lock as being completely inappropriate for this inherently germy environment.

Installing the Restroom UP LoK™ can help reduce the usage of disposable paper products and the associated trash can waste, while signalling your commitment to better public health and hygiene. There has never been a better commercial privacy lock.

This Is The Privacy Lock Your Customers Really Want To Use

T he best privacy lock money can buy should not rely on the human hand for proper operation. Rather, it should feature a simple design that presents the user with intuitive options in choosing which body parts to use for the operation of its core functions. The lock must also clearly communicate locked status on both sides of the door. In the wake of the Covid19 pandemic, the Ultimate Privacy lock changes everything in how we interact with single user restroom doors.

To achieve privacy, the Restroom UP LoK™ abandons the tiny finger-dependent push button of the traditional privacy lock in favor of a more robust deadbolt mechanism.  This incredibly simple concept uses far fewer components than conventional grip and twist privacy locks.  The innovative handle design governs locking, unlocking, lock status indicators on both sides and pulling – all in one part. A hands-free privacy lock makes all the difference in exiting a single occupancy restroom with clean hands that don’t have to touch the door handle on the way out.

Hands free locking and unlocking of the restroom privacy lock

Hands free opening of the restroom privacy lock


Pushing & Pulling – Plenty of Hands-Free Options

Opening a door should ideally involve only pushing and pulling actions. So why are we still messing around with twisting handles? The traditional commercial privacy lock makes numerous demands on how its moving parts are operated and by what body part is intended to be used.

The field reversible Restroom UP LoK™ lets the user decide how they want to connect with the door. On the push side, the entire face of the door is a potential push point by any part of the body that is convenient. For pulling, the unique “U” shaped handle welcomes a wrist or forearm just as much as it does the hand for a conventional grip and pull action.



The Door Operator – A Hands-free Monopoly No More.

Prior to the launch of the Restroom UP LoK™, the electrified motorized door operator was the only option for hands-free door operation. Historically there has been a huge difference in user benefits and cost between the operator and the grip-and-twist door handle.  Door hardware specifiers have had to contend with an industry that produces only a single product type at each end of the door hardware spectrum.

Complicated electro-mechanical devices that are comprised of numerous sub-assemblies have their reliability and liabilities defined by their weakest links. This could be something as simple as an unreliable power supply or a faulty relay box. Installation and regular maintenance by trade professionals is an accepted reality for those who opt for this technology.

Costing thousands of dollars, door operators offer a hands-free no touch benefit. The Restroom UP LoK™; a new third option based on a truly simple technology, offers a maintenance-free and hands-free low touch benefit at a fraction of the cost.



A Privacy Lock For The Hands-Free Circle

Restrooms worldwide continue to evolve into cleaner and safer public infrastructure. The integration of electronic sensor technologies within common washroom components such as faucets and hand driers have made vast improvements in the user experience by minimizing physical contact points.

The restroom journey is a circular one that begins and ends with the door handle. In most single occupancy restrooms it is the lone obstacle in the way of completing a hands-free round trip.

The Restroom UP LoK™ completes the hands-free circle.

ADA Compliant

The hands-free circle is made possible by the unique two way latch bolt.


Automated door operator and the conventional privacy lock


Motorized Door Operator Benefits,  Door Knob Pricing – The Best Of Both Worlds

Product selection for commercial privacy locks has barely changed in decades. The introduction of the automatic door operator in the 1970’s, intended to help those with mobility challenges, was the first and only alternative to the manual door handle. Unfortunately, the high costs associated with electrically powered door openers remain a serious limitation to mass adoption as a solution for hands-free door navigation.

The ancient and low cost traditional door handle has long had the misfortune of heavy reliance on the human hand for proper operation. Continued use of this hands-only design to open doors in public places cannot continue in a post-pandemic world where fomite surfaces like door handles can spread disease.

No other door opening solution has managed to combine the best attributes of these two established product types until now. When the relevant facts are compared, the Restroom UP LoK™ is clearly the best choice, hands down.

  Hands-Free Optional Lock Status Indicator Cost Installation
A – Automatic door operator
Yes No $$$$ Complicated
B – Traditional Commercial Privacy Lock
No No $ Fairly easy
C – Restroom UP LoK™
Yes Yes $ Very easy





A Radically Better Privacy Lock Is Also A Compliant Privacy Lock

Door hardware is subjected to dozens of codes and regulations. Here are a select few that are often called into question for public restroom privacy locking devices. If you think the Restroom UP LoK™ might be non-compliant with a specific code in your area, please contact us.


Regulator NamePass / FailSelected Requirement or RecommendationComments
Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) - AdvisoryGoodDoor hardware that can be operated with a closed fist or a loose grip accommodates the greatest range of users.Closed fist operation is the gold standard in hands-free interaction. The only other access control device capable of closed fist operation is the motorized operator.
California Referenced Standards Code 2016 - Section 12-10-202GoodThe lever of lever actuated latches or locks shall be curved with a return to within 1/2 inch of the door to prevent catching on the clothing of persons during egress.The keyword in this code is "egress". The hook-like design of the Restroom UP LoK can sometimes create confusion as to how the product is compliant. When properly installed - with the open part of the "U" shape facing the strike plate - the protruding handle will not allow articles of clothing to catch upon egress.
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) OK-N/AFire-rated corridors require fire-rated door jambs, fire-rated doors and fire-rated door hardware.With the exception of some very rare circumstances, entry doors to single-user restrooms are not located on fire-rated corridors. Therefore a fire-rating is generally not applicable to single-user restroom door hardware.
Various State/Provincial Building CodesGoodA universal toilet room shall be served by a barrier-free path of travel and have a door capable of being locked from the inside and released from the outside in case of emergency.Beyond having a simple method of emergency override from the ingress side, there is also written instructions on how to activate the override on the indicator bolt. The procedure goes a step further offering a second/alternate unlocking method from the ingress side that is effective against barricading.
International Building Code (IBC) - IBC 1109.2.1.7 PrivacyGoodDoors to family or assisted-use toilet and bathing rooms shall be securable from within the room and be provided with an "occupied" indicator.Another example where the Restroom UP LoK goes one step further than the prescribed regulation. Existing thumb-turn indicators rely on a two dimensional rotating plaque. The Restroom UP LoK uses a three dimensional locked status indicator on BOTH SIDES of the door which may also prove helpful for the visually impaired.